Welcome to Celebrated Legacy

Welcome to Celebrated Legacy – a simple service with a powerful message.

Celebrated Legacy is a gracious way to share the memory of your loved one’s life to anyone, anywhere. Powered by the same stellar technology as Share in My Day, Celebrated Legacy provides streaming footage of your loved one’s memorial service that can be shared with anyone across the globe with the simple click of a button. By sharing a link, you can share a window into the life of your loved one to those who loved and cherished them in their lifetime but were not able to attend the service. By providing streaming video of your loved one’s service, you cherish them in a whole new way: celebrating their life and their legacy.

For funeral homes and churches, Celebrated Legacy offers another tier of service to grieving families by allowing them to memorialize their loved ones providing an additional layer of comfort at such a difficult time. With its ease of operation and design, you can add this feature to a service in less than five minutes and create a memory that your clients will cherish forever. Adding Celebrated Legacy’s service to your business is simple, all you need to do is setup the cameras and know how to use a computer and the service is built to take care of the rest. To learn more about providing this service to your clients, please click here.